What is the Best Season of the Year to Eat a Cupcake?



Eating Cupcakes is the Key to Living a Happy Life

In today’s post, I hope to address the topic of why eating cupcakes is the key to living a happy life. Cupcakes have garnered a mountain of criticism recently due to the high sugar content and calories that they contain for their relatively small size. Some health experts even claim that passing up the weekly cupcake could add years to your lifespan. I am sad to admit that they may be correct. Like many choices in life, we face a trade off between two different possible alternatives. In this decision, I favor heavily the side that allows for me to consume rich tasting goodness. Only when eating cupcakes can one truly grasp the perfect life that God intended for mankind when he created Adam and placed him in the Garden of Eden. Cupcakes add meaning and happiness to lives that would be boring and monotonous without the occasional treat. In conclusion, I can not refute the scientific evidence that cupcakes might not be good for your health; however I believe the benefits they provide to the purpose and happiness of people’s lives more than outweighs this  relatively small cost.                        

Is Calling Someone a Cupcake Offensive or a Compliment?

In today’s post, I hope to settle the age-old debate of whether calling someone a cupcake is offensive or a compliment. This debate has been rekindled lately due to Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook referring to his former teammate Kevin Durant as a cupcake after deciding to leave the team. I understand that by calling someone a cupcake it can be implied that you are calling them soft, which could be taken in a negative manner. However, I tend to view it as an affectionate term that only dear friends are able to use when referring to each other. Calling someone a cupcake literally means that you are comparing them to something rich, highly desirable, and priceless in value. How could you not take being called a cupcake as a compliment? Words sometimes lose their intended meaning over time, and I highly caution you guys to not degrade the word cupcake. Remember to only use it when referring to a great friend in a way that is difficult to express in other words as not to devalue the meaning of this priceless item.                                                  

Cupcakes are Better than Normal Cakes

In today’s post I hope to explain my controversial, but correct position on the topic of whether cupcakes are better than normal cakes. Many people claim that large cakes are better than cupcakes because large cakes are easier to bake, ice, and to share with others at a social event. However, I believe that cupcakes are better than large cakes because cupcakes allow for individual customization to meet the preferences of each individual user. Serving cupcakes at an event solves the dilemma of having to bake two different large cakes of chocolate and vanilla because some people only like one or the other. Baking cupcakes allows us to produce an exact number of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes to meet the demand for each flavor based on scientific research conducted before the event is held. In conclusion, cupcakes are a more versatile option than cakes, and you should definitely consider changing your purchasing and consumption patterns to reflect this fact.